Bioshock 2 Sinclair, Little Sister and “Bunny” Spli...
Camille Noire, Feverish, Moribundi and Zain - Clive Bar...

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Cursed Mountain - PC
Freddy Krueger Prop Replica Glove
Jason Voorhees Mask – Friday the 13th Prop Replica (F...
MPD Psycho Box Set
Saw Puppet Plush

Leatherface, the chainsaw-wielding maniac from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', is here as a great horror figure.
Camille Noire is a winged angelic being of the new human becoming, whose cranium had a run-in with a circular saw...
Chucky, the murderous doll that just won’t die, has been brought to life as a high-quality collectible.
Take home a detailed life-size replica of a Splicer Welder Mask from the BioShock videogame series, manufactured by NECA.

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MPD Psycho, short for Multiple Personality Detective Psycho, is a live action miniseries adaptation by Takashi Miike of a comic book series of the same name. This DVD features the fifth and six episodes of series one
The Serial Killer Box is a five disc box set containing five grizzly films: Confessions of a Serial Killer, Serial Slayer, Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer, Nightmare Boulevard and Paranoid.

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The Massacre Box is a five disc box set containing five gruesome films: Sorority House Massacre, Cheerleader Massacre, Slumber Party, Motor Home Massacre and Jackhammer Massacre.

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The Saw-ed and Sliced Box is a five disc box set containing five gorey films: Skinned Alive, Scarred, Jigsaw, Pieces and Sawed.

Five years after the events of Resident Evil 4, series regular Chris Redfield heads to the city of Kijuju in Africa to investigate a possible bioterrorist threat, only to discover that things are far more sinister than they seem...
Set in the 1980’s, without the security and luxury of mobile phones or GPS, Eric is an experienced climber on a mission: to find his younger brother Frank, who went missing while trekking through the Himalayas.

Climbing ever higher, is the mystery-shrouded mountain an experience Eric can overcome?

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It is the end of days and a mysterious dark force – the Lords of Shadow - threatens the alliance between Heaven and Earth...
It is the end of days and a mysterious dark force – the Lords of Shadow - threatens the alliance between Heaven and Earth.

Written with enthusiasm and intelligence, The Overlook Film Encyclopedia of Horror is the must have encyclopedia for any collector and enthusiast of horror cinema.
This book covers all aspect of the author’s career in the worlds of writing, screenwriting and acting. A great biography – if you’re a fan of King’s work get this book, you won’t regret it.
Horror Movie Posters is a beautiful book to browse and a fascinating chronicle of advertising art through the decades, containing photographs of over 300 movie posters.
Unexplained disappearances, a brooding presence, and a growing sense of disquiet drifts through the historical lanes of Scotland's oldest university town. And now the young are being haunted by night terrors, and those who are visited disappear…